A Child and Pet Friendly Home


THE PRUDENTIAL TOWER RESIDENCES are located on the upper floors of an urban complex, which is also home to retail facilities and offices. A resident family from this modern apartment building shares their experience of the comfort and peace of mind that come with living here.

Photo by Satoshi Nagare
Text by Seishi Isozaki
Edit by RCKT/Rocket Company*
Translation by Yuki Itai

A white cabinet they found in Japan sits in front of the white wall. They enjoy hanging paintings of their favorite artists such as Van Gogh and Kandinsky.

“Our apartment is located in the heart of a business district, but, living here, it’s actually not that busy, and is in fact quite comfortable.” “There are many casual neighborhood restaurants and a community center close by where we can take our child. It’s very convenient,” say Diego and Amanda from THE PRUDENTIAL TOWER RESIDENCES. The apartment is located on the upper floors of urban complex, which is also home to shops and offices. They are both from Brazil and are Japanophiles. They moved to Japan with their 1 year-old son and two cats from Buenos Aires last October for Diego’s business. Finding a place that is safe for their son and cats was their first concern. A safe environment meant not only neighborhood safety and a security system but also the internal security and details of the space they inhabit.

They say after moving a few times, they started to own less things. Colorful works of art and the carpet Diego’s mother wove highlight the minimal space.

Diego says “we saw more than 20 properties but when it comes to being pet friendly, the choice was quite limited. It was not easy to find a place where we can have the lifestyle we imagined. But MORI LIVING was very accommodating – listening to our wishes and being flexible.”

In the end, the reason they chose THE PRUDENTIAL TOWER RESIDENCES was the fact that the apartment doesn’t have any balcony and the windows don’t open. “I don’t have to worry about my son or the cats falling out of the windows but I can still enjoy the great view. On a sunny day, we can see all the way to Mt. Fuji,” Amanda explains with a smile.

Diego likes to jog and their apartment is close to scenic running courses. “I run around the Imperial Palace every weekend. I often use the gym on the second floor, too. I like that they have great facilities but they’re not crowded.”

The view from the apartment. Rich greenery and tall buildings coexist in an urban neighborhood. We can see Mt. Fuji on sunny days.

In addition to the gym, the apartment building has a number of restaurants and cafes below. There are also temples and shrines with many trees, five star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants in the neighborhood. Five subway stations are within walking distance as well. “It is very convenient for my everyday commute. I love that my commute is not a source of stress,” says Diego. “It’s also quiet. Buenos Aires is an energetic city but can be noisy sometimes. I had a few unfortunate encounters there as well, so I was looking forward to living in a more quiet environment.”

He is happy that his wish came true with his move to Japan and to THE PRUDENTIAL TOWER RESIDENCES. If there is any trouble with any of the facilities, somebody comes right away to fix it, and they say they couldn’t be happier about the management of the property. They speak particularly well of the front staff. “Since we don’t speak Japanese well, the bilingual service is very assuring and we really appreciate how friendly they are, always smiling.” In addition to the attractive facilities and spaces, this personal factor helps alleviate residents’ anxiety and make them feel safe while providing a sense of home. And this is one of the most appealing attributes of MORI LIVING.