vibrant sense of community

Customized Experiences at MORI LIVING

MORI LIVING, currently with 23 rental residences, offers a wide range of cultural events throughout the year to inspire residents’ interest and curiosity, as well as to build a vibrant sense of community.

Text by Seishi Isozaki
Edit by RCKT/Rocket Company*
Translation by Yuki Itai

The mission of MORI LIVING is to offer not only a comfortable living space, but also exciting urban life experiences and new encounters. In order to embrace the Hills lifestyle and to build community, MORI LIVING organizes a wide range of cultural events for its residents. Some are casual and some are affiliated with the Hills’art programs. Close to 50 unique and stimulating seasonal events are held each year.

1/4SPRING|FATHER DAUGHTER PARTY Ⓜ︎ Following the dance by the dressed up fathers and daughters, different activities (e.g. a magic show) take place every year. It is a very popular event and they hosted a photo shoot in a decorated booth this year. ※Ⓜ︎ indicates MORI LIVING resident exclusive events.
2/4SPRING|MORI LIVING CUP Ⓜ︎ Golf tournament held in early spring at Shishido Hills Country Club, run by the MORI Building Group. International participants from different MORI LIVING residences are able to get to know one another.
3/4SPRING|GREEN WORKSHOP Member’s program to foster children’s perceptions through interacting with nature and gardening. Participants walk through the ever-changing ARK Hills’ gardens and enjoy planting and flower picking.
4/4SPRING|BIRD WATCHING The event takes place at Roppongi Hills and ARK Hills during spring bird week. The tour offers a great opportunity for people to stroll the green landscaping inhabited by more than 1000 kinds of plants and 30 kinds of birds - to feel the richness of nature in this urban setting.

1/3SUMMER|TORANOMON HILLS YOGA From Flow Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga, prominent instructors lead various lessons in the Oval Plaza. Yoga under the vast sky is the best way to start the day or gain fresh energy after work.
2/3SUMMER|KIDS’ WORKSHOP A learning platform to inspire children’s curiosity. Collaborating with Hills’ shops and office tenants, the event offers opportunities for kids to encounter the latest technology and art. A cooking class with L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon is one popular program.
3/3SUMMER|VENDANGE As a part of urban greening, Akasaka Tameike Tower grows grape vines on the rooftop garden. Living in the city, residents can feel the growth of the plants and appreciate the joy of the harvest.

The background of the residents at the 23 MORI LIVING residences is diverse. By contributing to the urban infrastructure itself through art and culture and leveraging the resources of the Mori Building Company, the events thrives in meeting the range of interests of residents from different nationalities, ages and family structures. “Through years of trial and error, we now have a good number of annual events. We take people’s feedback seriously and always look for room to make our program better” says the program manager.

The exclusive Art Night Guide Tour at Roppongi Hills from last May is a great example. “It was a guided tour to visit artwork installed throughout Roppongi during Roppongi Art Night, one of Tokyo’s popular art festivals. For our second year participating in this event, we invited the art producer, Keizo Maeda, who has close relationships with many of the artists, to be our guide. He led one tour in Japanese and another in English, which was very well received.” There was no frustration from having an interpreter in terms of time loss. And many people enjoyed sharing his professional perspective on art in a relaxed atmosphere.

1/5AUTUMN|JRA BUS TOUR Ⓜ︎ A horse race tour in collaboration with the Japan Racing Association. Participants can watch the races from the VIP seats at the Tokyo Race Course, seats which are usually inaccessible, while listening to a lecture on horse racing and how to bet.
2/5AUTUMN|WINE TASTING Ⓜ︎ Led by a brand ambassador from a world famous wine company, it is a special tasting event held in the Roppongi Hills Sky Lounge.
3/5AUTUMN|ROOFTOP BBQ The rooftop garden at Roppongi Sakura-zaka Residence is equipped with BBQ facilities, and residents relax with other families while grilling juicy meat and fresh vegetables.
4/5AUTUMN|RICE HARVEST IN THE ROOFTOP GARDEN Time to harvest the rice that was planted in the roof garden at Roppongi Hills Keyaki-zaka Complex in the spring. People who work and live in Roppongi Hills gather to crop, thresh and sun dry the paddy rice.
5/5AUTUMN|Halloween Parade Many people, from children to adults, whether they live in, work at, or are simply visiting Roppongi Hills, join the annual event. They dress up in elaborate colorful costumes to march around the Hills.

The Father Daughter Party is another event unique to MORI LIVING. Inspired by sub-deb dances with their fathers in the west, “we wanted to offer a special occasion for fathers who might normally be busy at work to spend quality time with their daughters.” This was the 4th time the dance was held, and on the day of the event, the dressed up fathers and daughters took a dance lesson before their wives /mothers came to see their performance. “The event wasn’t just for the fathers. The mothers who watched the proud moment seemed very touched.”

The annual MORI LIVING CUP in spring has become a popular event. People who play a round together during the event sometimes end up playing together again on their own. These kinds of stories make the program staff proud. They are delighted to learn the event they organize connects their residents with others who they wouldn’t have met and interacted with otherwise.

1/2WINTER|ART EVENT Ⓜ︎ Held in the View Lounge on the 25th floor of ARK Hills Sengokuyama Residence, participants experience a living space with artwork. Collaborating with art galleries, the event offers a lifestyle of owning artwork at home.
2/2WINTER|ILLUMINATION Roppongi Hills’ popular winter event. Many places throughout the Hills including Keyaki-zaka street, the rooftop sky deck, 66 plaza and Mohri garden are beautifully lit up.

In addition to self-organized events, MORI LIVING also offers collaborative events with their commercial partners at Roppongi Hills and Omotesando Hills. The Halloween Party at Roppongi Hills and ARK Hills Residence, and Jingu Fireworks Viewing at The Prudential Tower Residences are catalysts to build community among residents. City Bird Watching and Rice Planting/Harvesting allow residents to experience nature in the city and this idea coincides with the environmental concept of Mori Building Company including developing urban greening by vertical integration of buildings.

It may not be overstating the case to say the real value of living in a MORI LIVING apartment is the range of unique experiences offered to all.