Opening on October 6, 2023

How will the center of business in Tokyo change?

Toranomon Hills reaches completion with the opening of the fourth and final building, Station Tower, following in the footsteps of Mori Tower, Business Tower, and Residential Tower. Station Tower, which was developed in coordination with the new subway station, features international-standard offices, commercial facilities integrated with the expansive Station Square, a hotel that is the first of its kind to enter Tokyo, and TOKYO NODE, a unique new communication hub that combines an event hall, galleries, an infinity pool, and a restaurant on the upper floors. We will introduce this Global Business Center, where business and innovation merge, through the voices and words of the people involved with making this special space a reality and who will carry it forward into the future.

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Illustration BY Adrian Johnson

VISIONS OF Heatherwick Studio
VISIONS OF Heatherwick Studio
VISIONS OF Heatherwick Studio